Frequently Asked Questions about ArConnect

Do you upload or post my keyfile anywhere?

No, we don't. ArConnect is built to be a secure Arweave wallet extension, but it does not back up your keyfiles and it never uploads them anywhere. Your wallets will be saved to your browser's local storage only.
You can check out our source code if you'd like to verify.

Why is ArConnect more secure than just uploading my keyfile?

ArConnect signs transactions locally, only on the client side. If you upload your keyfile somewhere, there is a chance that either malicious dApps or a third party tries to steal it from you.

How can I name a wallet?

It is very simple to add a custom label / nickname to your wallet. Open the wallet manager dropdown, in the extension popup, than just click the displayed name. It is an editable text, so your changes will instantly appear.

Do you charge any fees?

We at th8ta are working hard to bring you the best experiences on the permaweb. Because of this, we take a small tip whenever a 3rd-party application utilizes ArConnect. This tip goes to a randomly-selected VRT token holder:

  • $0.03 USD-equivalent of AR for the first 10 transactions
  • $0.01 USD-equivalent of AR for all subsequent transactions

Do you charge fees for transfers made with the extension?

We do not charge fees for AR transfers or PST transfers that you, as the user, make inside the extension. We only charge fees when interacting with dApps.

Does ArConnect have dark mode?

Yes it does. It is automatic, meaning that it will use your browser's color scheme. To enable the dark theme, all you need to do is to toggle your browser's dark mode.