Secure wallet management for Arweave

A simple and secure way to manage your Arweave assets and connect with dApps.

View, Swap and Transfer assets

With ArConnect's user-friendly interface, you can manage your Arweave balance, view and transfer assets and see your latest transactions. The extension allows you to add all your wallets and switch between them easily.
We are also planning to support PST swapping through The Verto Protocol.


Interact with dApps

ArConnect makes interacting with your favorite Arweave applications seamless and secure. Transaction signing and text encryption with keyfiles is done in the background by the extension, and not the application. This ensures that your keyfile will never be stolen.

Who's using ArConnect?

ArConnect is gaining more adoption day by day as developers and apps open to a more secure and safer web!

Integrate ArConnect today!

Adopt ArConnect

Signing transactions has never been safer and easier

const tx = await arweave.createTransaction({
  /* config */

await arweave.transactions.sign(tx);

Read the docs for deeper integration.